Unlocking the Geospatial potential of survey data

Article dated: 3 February 2011

The UK Data Archive has joined the JISC Geospatial programme to enhance the potential of the survey data held at the Archive.

The U.Geo project is designed to create and provide clear information on the potential of linking national survey data in the Archive collections to readily available boundary and point geographies.

survey data

It will improve resource discovery of data held at the Archive for geospatial analysis, by standardising and referencing spatial unit definitions within the metadata of the data collections. In addition, the project will develop a roadmap for the Archive metadata schema, based on the Data Documentation Initiative, to become fully compliant with the European INSPIRE directive.

For surveys where small geography variables pose disclosure risks, U.Geo aims to increase the availability of geospatially enabled data via the Secure Data Service or via Special Licence agreements.

The project will be managed by the Archive and builds on its knowledge of end user requirements for the data it provides to researchers and teachers; its expertise in providing access to potentially disclosive data; and its experience of historical administrative units.

The work will involve collaboration with EDINA, who provide strategic input based on their expertise of geospatial data, metadata and applications and the EU INSPIRE directive. The Secure Data Service will contribute specialist expertise on providing secure access to sensitive and potentially disclosive data.