Public consultation on open data

Article dated: 15 August 2011

The Cabinet Office is inviting individuals and organisations to comment on new principles for transparency and open data, and to put forward suggestions for datasets they want to see released.

Minister for the Cabinet Office, Francis Maude, announced the public consultation following the first meeting of the new Public Sector Transparency Board, where it was agreed one of their first priorities will be defining clear principles for the implementation of the Government's transparency commitments across the public sector.

Since part of the Board's remit is to engage with developers, open data experts and business on how transparency should be implemented, the Board decided to publish a first draft immediately on for comment and improvement.

The proposed approach is fundamentally about creating a 'pull' (an enhanced right to data) and a 'push' (a presumption of publication).

The consultation seeks the public's views on:

  • how the 'right to data might be enhanced, establishing stronger rights for individuals, businesses and others to obtain data from public service providers
  • how to set transparency standards that enforce this right to data
  • how public service providers might be held to account for delivering open data
  • how collection and publication of the most useful data can be ensured
  • how the internal workings of government and the public sector can be made more open
  • how far there is a role for government to stimulate enterprise and market making in the use of open data

Citizens, businesses, public services and other interest groups are invited to share their views. Details are available at the link below.

The consultation closes on 27 October 2011.