New training resource supports data planning and sharing

Article dated: 28 September 2011

The UK Data Archive has released a suite of flexible training materials designed for people who train or support researchers and research support staff in how to look after research data.

These materials complement the Archive's popular guide, Managing and Sharing Data: best practice for researchers, reissued in May 2011 in an expanded and revised third edition.

data management guide and resources

Like the guide, the training resource is organised into topics that cover the entire data lifecycle:

  • why and how to share research data
  • data management planning
  • documenting data
  • formatting data
  • storing data
  • ethics and consent issues
  • data copyright

Within each topic trainers will find PowerPoint presentations, exercises, quizzes (and answers), along with a presenter's guide where necessary. The materials are invaluable for providing formal advice on data management and sharing and for training in research methods - most notably as they cover areas that are fundamental (but often overlooked) in training students how to look after research data well.

While the examples used in the pack are based on in-house training materials and geared toward social scientists, we anticipate that trainers will create their own personalised and more context-relevant examples, taking into account discipline, country, relevant laws and regulations.

The materials are 'road tested', as they were developed as part of the Archive's daily work in supporting ESRC applicants and award holders and used regularly in workshops for social science researchers, research staff and students at all levels. The resources are made possible by a grant from the ESRC Research Development Initiative (RDI).

Both individual modules and the entire resource can be downloaded in PDF format at the link below. Print editions - including the training guide - are available for £30 (plus postage to anywhere outside the UK). To request a copy, contact the Communications Team.