Archive and ESDS adopt open metadata principles

Article dated: 7 October 2011

The UK Data Archive and ESDS have joined a growing list of UK organisations that are committed to supporting a new set of open metadata principles designed to enhance the impact of knowledge resources to further scholarship and innovation.

Unlocking the descriptive information or metadata about digital content, articles, books and research is the key to making it more useful, according to the JISC-funded resource discovery task force. If all UK metadata were made openly accessible, the task force says, the resources themselves would be more visible and it would be easier to build innovative new ways for researchers, teachers and students to explore the resources.

All publicly funded organisations - universities, colleges, libraries, museums and archives - are now encouraged to make a commitment to upholding some key principles.

Signing up means that organisations are committed to supporting the principles and looking for opportunities to carry them out in whatever they do - whether this is building new ways to present unique collections or in contributing to national shared services for managing collections.