Research Data @Essex

Article dated: 13 December 2011

We are excited to announce the success in our recent bid to JISC for piloting a research data management infrastructure for the University of Essex. logo

The project, known as Research Data @Essex, is funded under the JISC Managing Research Data 2 Programme and is designed to build on the Archive's existing programme of work on managing and sharing data, and especially, more recently, in supporting institutional repositories and large research data centres to manage their own data.

The project aims to draft an institutional data management policy, develop guidance and advocacy on data management and sharing and - through working closely with a selection of research-rich departments - gather samples of representative data into a new test-bed repository. Part of the groundwork will be working with the pilot departments to look at current data management practices and challenges, as well as assessing local data storage and access requirements.

The project will provide a University-wide support hub and capacity building programme for data management. This includes a campus-based Data Manager's Forum where departments can identify common solutions and challenges and channel these into the University's centralised research support facilities. The technical strand will set up a test infrastructure based on EPrints, prepare top-level metadata and ingest a selection of research data from the pilot departments.

Based on the University's requirements specifications, the project will present a business case to JISC covering sustainability, a longer-term plan for advocacy, data storage capacity and preservation, collection selection criteria and data access issues.