Website changes to comply with EU cookie law

Article dated: 23 May 2012

In line with recent changes in EU legislation, UK law now requires website hosts to ask for users' permission when placing cookies on their devices for the first time. For this reason, website users will encounter a few changes.

Specifically, users will be notice a banner at the top of the screen asking them for consent to place certain cookies on their PC, laptop or other mobile device. Users will also be provided with detailed information on each cookie required by the website, including its name, purpose and how it affects the website experience.

While this legislation applies to all UK websites, including all those hosted by the UK Data Archive and its service partners, it will most directly affect registered users with ESDS and as cookies are essential to register, log in and download data from these sites. This is because the websites must be able to recognise and authenticate specific users. Should users decide NOT to accept cookies from the site, they will not be able to access data.

As always, we are committed to the highest standards of data privacy as required by the Data Protection Act and enforced through voluntary compliance with ISO 27001, the information security standard.

To learn more, see the Information Commissioner's office for some helpful information on the new legislation and what it means in practice.