Project to enhance the Archive thesaurus

Article dated: 9 July 2012

The UK Data Archive has been successful in winning funds from the JISC's Research Tools Programme for a project to apply the Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) to its well-respected and widely-used thesaurus, HASSET. HASSET_SKOS

HASSET is the Humanities and Social Science Electronic Thesaurus.

The eight-month project, entitled SKOS-HASSET will create a SKOS thesaurus product for the use of the wider social science, higher education and data archiving communities.

SKOS is a language designed to represent thesauri and other classification resources. It encodes these products in a standardised way using RDF to make their structures comparable and to facilitate interaction.

The project will also streamline all the Archive's thesaurus management at a technical level and enhance the existing management interface. HASSET's web pages will receive an overhaul. HASSET users in the future will not only be able to browse HASSET's tree structure online, but also to download a version of SKOS-HASSET.

The third aim of this project will test SKOS-HASSET's automated indexing capacity.

SKOS-HASSET will be taken as the terminology source for an automatic indexing tool and applied to question text, abstracts and publications from the Archive's collection. The results will be compared to the gold standard of humanly-undertaken indexing. This last objective will be written up as a case study online and shared widely.

The project team is keen to communicate with and gain input from any interested parties. To this end, the team will be setting up a project-specific blog and also a long-term JISCmail list dedicated HASSET. The project will also schedule a webinar in the winter of 2012/2013.

The team welcomes queries about the project and requests to join its stakeholder list. Anyone interested in finding out more about the project, or in providing input and opinions on its results, should contact the Project Manager, Lucy Bell, in the first instance.

The SKOS-HASSET project will run from June 2012 to January 2013.