Staff vacancy: Collections Development Officer, UK Data Archive

Article dated: 11 March 2013

The UK Data Archive has received funding for a fixed-term position in the Collections Development and Producer Support section of the UK Data Service.

This position is to assess and oversee the preparation of a collection of non-born-digital studies for inclusion into the collection, and specifically into the new online data browsing tool which is being developed. The project is known as 'The Digital Futures project'.

The post holder will be responsible for: research to assess sources of data; coordination of a range of expert consultations and meetings to select data for the collection and the online system; overseeing the digitisation of these studies in readiness for their ingest into, and subsequent dissemination from, the UK Data Service; and preparing draft procedures for the future management of similar enhanced studies.

For this work, the post holder will be expected to have a wide-ranging and robust knowledge of diverse social science data, particularly older textual materials associated with survey data, an excellent understanding of how such data may be used for differing research purposes and appropriate technical knowledge.

In addition to providing the standard application materials, applicants will be required to take two technical skill tests as part of the interview process.