Japanese publication of our research data management guide

Article dated: 29 May 2013

Research data management strategies from the UK Data Archive and UK Data Service are reaching around the globe. Managing and sharing data

The Social Science Japan Data Archive (SSJD), based in Tokyo, has recently published a Japanese translation of the Archive's highly cited Managing and Sharing Data: best practice for researchers, now in its third edition.

The project was initiated by Yukio Maeda, an associate professor and member of the International Survey research group of SSJD, after receiving copies of the guide at the IASSIST 2011 conference in Vancouver, Canada.

"After reviewing its contents with my colleagues, we were impressed with its thoroughness and systematic guidance through the lifecycle of research data," he says. "It was clear that no guide at the equivalent coverage and quality was available in Japanese."

Maeda says the benefits of this translation project reach not only professionals working on data preservation and dissemination but also to researchers and students who collect data for their research.

"The Japanese edition has been already distributed at a few meetings including one at the Science Council of Japan and was warmly received by researchers," Maeda says.