Data without Boundaries: Apply now to work with European microdata

Article dated: 2 April 2014

Academic researchers who live in the European Union are eligible for an opportunity to work with data from a number of EU countries.

To enhance access to official European microdata, the Data without Boundaries project offers a variety of financial and logistical support for academics and PhD students seeking to use data which are not often available for research purposes.

The data are available through specific Research Data Centres (RDCs) from France, Germany , the Netherlands and UK. The data do not include public or scientific use files such as those available from national data archives or Eurostat. Depending upon the Research Data Centre, available datasets are business data and household surveys considered to be too detailed, confidential or sensitive to be provided through standard access mechanisms.

Successful applicants will receive support and access to data via guest stays ranging from one to three weeks or, in some cases, remote access. They will also receive support in obtaining necessary national accreditations as well as reimbursement for related travel, accommodation and training expenses.

There are three remaining opportunities to apply; deadlines for submitting proposals are 15 April, 15 June and 15 October 2014. Full details are at the links below.