The new Data Research Centre for Smart Analytics is hiring

Article dated: 4 April 2014

Recruitment has started in the build-up for the new Data Research Centre for Smart Analytics at the University of Essex.

Initiated with funding from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the new £5 million Centre will be led by Essex Business School working in partnership with the Universities of East Anglia and Kent, who together form the Eastern Academic Research Consortium (ARC); they will be joined by partners in business and local government.

The Centre will make data that are routinely collected by business and local government available to academic social science researchers in ways that safeguard individuals' identities.

The aim is for the Centre to become a national centre of expertise for both academic and non-academic researchers, offering a vibrant environment to foster innovative research by supporting business, local government and academics to harness the potential of complex big data where traditional analysis techniques may not apply.

The University of Essex is now looking to establish the team to take forward this exciting new initiative.

There are currently five positions available:

  • Senior Research Data Manager
    Will play a critical role in delivering high quality new data resources from business and local government to the external user community. They are at the interface between data production and research, with a key role in supporting users and enhancing data usability.
  • Research Data User Support Officer
    Responsible for the interface between the Centre and data users; provides technical support and advice including the production of high quality data.
  • Outreach and Engagement Coordinator
    Responsible for developing and implementing outreach activities to ensure that the Centre can deliver the expected impact. In addition they will coordinate the knowledge exchange activities of the Centre and its external partners.
  • Public Engagement and Communications Officer
    This is a key role to ensure the impact of our research reaches not only a wide range of media audiences but also policy makers, opinion formers and the general public.
  • Executive Officer and Centre Administrator
    Responsible for managing all administrative aspects of the Centre’s activities including providing finance, budgetary and staff management support.

All are full-time positions, to start as soon as possible. Full details including job packs and links to apply online are available from the University of Essex. Closing date for all positions is Tuesday 22 April 2014.