Former UK Data Archive director commemorates the burial of Richard III

Article dated: 30 March 2015

Former director of the UK Data Archive, Professor Kevin Schurer, took part in a ceremony marking the departure of the mortal remains of King Richard III from the University of Leicester campus on 21 March 2015.

Richard III coffin Professor Schürer, who led the genealogical research for the project, together with other researchers, placed a rose on Richard III’s coffin during the ceremony, which marked the conclusion of a weekend of expert talks and displays celebrating the University of Leicester’s discovery, identification and study of the last Plantagenet King.

Following on from the ceremony, on 26 March, Richard’s remains were buried in a tomb in Leicester’s Anglican cathedral, having been having sat for three days, being viewed by thousands of the public. You can access a view of the ceremony below.

As part of the event, Professor Schürer, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Research and Enterprise) at the University of Leicester, who is a leading authority in historical data, co-presented a talk with Turi King, the genetics and archaeology lecturer who led the DNA analysis in the Richard III Identification project, on ‘Family Fortunes’, in which he discussed his research on King Richard's family tree to confirm the identity of living relatives. The official account of the discovery and identification of the King's remains and the research carried out on them are published in The Bones of a King: Richard III Rediscovered.